Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wild Week

This week has been a total whirlwind. I prepped for the Halloween party all day Monday and Tuesday. Poor Hayden had a bad fall on the playground when he was in preschool Tuesday. The incident was complete with an ambulance, fire truck, and a doctor's appointment. Don't worry, he is doing well. I think that he was more scared than hurt, thank God. The party was held that night and it was a huge success. We all had a blast! Wednesday was supposed to be my oral surgery, but they canceled and moved me to Thursday. Mom and I cleaned up all the party decor and then I went shopping by myself for next year's Halloween.

The kiddos had their picture day at the preschool today. Supposedly, they did really well. We shall see when the pics come back. I went to get my 4 wisdom teeth and 2 molars extracted while they were at school. It sucked waiting so long for the procedure. I was about to pass out due to nervousness, taking antibiotics on an empty stomach, and starving to death. Once I got called back, I began to relax. They administered the IV and then I saw the doc. He loaded my IV with something and then I quickly got drowsy. That's the last thing that I remember. I don't even remember leaving the place, lol. Clayton had to practically carry me to the car and inside our house. I am doing really well now and the Vicodin is making me feel comfortable. All in all, getting your teeth pulled is really not bad at all. I have ate 2 eggs sandwiches, some broccoli/cheese soup, and yogurt. I am so glad that I can actually eat.

Tomorrow, we will be taking a fun trip with Bolicks to the fire station. We will be celebrating Cole's 4th birthday. I will take my camera and try to get some pics. Afterwards, we are going to have some lunch together. It should be a fun morning. Mom is planning to take Hayden back home with her in the afternoon and he is super excited. He loves going to her house.