Friday, January 10, 2014

Banshee---Season 2, Episode 1 (1/10/14)

See that brunette in the bottom right corner of the screen?  Yeah, the one with the word "Banshee" on it?  That would be me.  I sat in the last row of this funeral scene, trying my best to not be seen on camera.  I was dying of heat stroke in a wool suit from my college days.  It didn't help that it was a size 0 and I was only 4 weeks out from having my last surrogate baby.  Yeah, there was no hope of buttoning the jacket.  My chest was humongous.  No one told me that that I would have to sit outside forever with no way to go pump milk in the car.  My boobs exploded multiple times while sitting there.  Between the excessive sweat and lactating bosoms, I was a complete mess.  This is all gross, I know, but I feel it necessary to set the stage on just how uncomfortable I was.  I knew after that experience that I could not possibly return to the set of Banshee until I quit lactating.  It was just too hard to work around.  I quit in June 2013, so I returned for episode 6 shortly afterward.  Hopefully, I will get some screenshots of my Amish and stripper characters.