Friday, March 25, 2011

Poor Aunt Steph, lol

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Migas (Pioneer Woman's recipe)

I have never been a fan of dressing up my eggs.  I tend to like them boring and plain.  Well, that attitude has changed since being introduced to migas by my mother-in-law Christie.  She made them for us one time while we were in Wyoming.  They were loaded with cheese, salsa and corn tortillas.  What's not to like?  I swear, they were amazing!  Once I got home, I remembered that Pioneer Woman had covered this egg dish before and decided to give it a go.  They were a hit.  Check out the link below to get PW's version and try them for yourself.  They are soooo good!

Pioneer Woman's Migas  

Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Apology, LOL

The boys have a friend, Daniel, that likes to come over and jump on the trampoline. The play session usually goes off without an incident but there was one time it didn't. Daniel went under the trampoline and Hayden was jumping so you can guess what happened. D got hurt and H felt terrible about it. H made him a card and took him some candy (he only lives 4 houses down). How funny is this card?! It is so dang cute. Daniel forgave him and now all is right with the world again, lol.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Lemon Herb Chicken

While I am not a huge fan of lemon, I LOVE this chicken! I got the recipe from Paula Deen forever ago. I tried to look it up on the net but couldn't find it. It appears to me that all of her roast chicken recipes now include lemon pepper seasoning (her own brand, of course). I could swear that this was the chicken that she made for her bag lady chicken noodle soup but the recipe I found was very different. Oh well, I am glad that I got this goody from somewhere. Try it and trust me, you are going to get a thumbs up from even the pickiest of your eaters. My kids don't care for real food (McDonald's, blue box macaroni and frozen corn dogs are more their taste-blech) but they did devour this chicken.

Lemon Herb Chicken

Friday, March 11, 2011

I have so much to say...

and yet I can't say anything!!  If you are a Facebook friend, then you know what I am referring to.  Big changes are coming our way (hopefully!). :)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Hayden's 8th Birthday Party

Hayden had a fabulous Paul Frank monkey (Julius) party last month. We had to delay his party until after our cruise so we picked 2/20. Unfortunately, he was coming out of some random illness that was spanning the neighborhood so he wasn't his usual cheerful self. He still had a good time though. :)

I dropped his big birthday cake 2.5 hours before the party so Clayton hurried to Hay's to get some cupcakes. They were not as cool but he didn't seem to mind.

The kids had a banana hunt. Each came with a letter on it to spell out a message. They had to unscramble them to figure it out. This turned out to be a really cute activity. The message read, "Happy Birthday Hayden Gray Logan".

We also had the kids do a banana peeling contest. Each kid was given a banana and they had to peel and eat it using only 1 hand. Paige was the fastest by far. She somehow popped hers open using her hand and leg together. I have no clue how she actually did it though, lol.

I had a candy kabob station set up in the dining room but it was only a hit with the girls. The boys were all too interested in playing the Kinect and jumping on the trampoline. Speaking of the trampoline, there was a period of time when all the kids went outside and the adults were all inside. It was crazy how quiet it was, lol. We enjoyed our peaceful moment and chatted away.

Daniel made Hayden this sweet card. Don't you love the cute Julius drawing?

Opening gifts (he really wanted those Julius jammies so we happily obliged)
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The Details

Julius the monkey was practically everywhere. I wish I had taken better pics of the food set-up. Since I dropped the cool cake I made, I had to go with last minute cupcakes from Hay's. I made Julius picks to stick in them. The water bottles and snack boxes were really cute but they are hard to see in the photo.

Goodie bags with homemade tags and silver star wire

A painted canvas that I made
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The Aftermath

Hayden zonked out after his party. The poor guy wore himself out, lol.
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