Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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Water, water, everywhere!

I bought Hayden a pool last Sunday. Today was the first day that I have had to get it set up. He was thrilled! He wouldn't get in it (I guess the water was too cold), but he had a fun time playing from the sides. Photos are above.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Because we share a car, my days begin way to early sometimes. Today was definitely one of those days. Clayton had to be at work by 6:45am (ugh!) and I needed the car before lunchtime, so I had to get myself and the kiddos up. There was a Mom's Club board meeting (I am the Vice President of Membership) at 9am, so I had a major time lapse between the two events. I hate it when that happens! Anyway, we held the meeting at the park and Hayden was a pain in the rear. He fell in the wet dirt on the playground before we even started. The whole time, he whined and cried which made it really hard to listen.

Afterwards, Tracy and I took our kids to the mall for Lunch Bunch. The kids had a blast playing on the indoor playground and we caught a really good sale at The Children's Place. I didn't have enough money with me, so I had to put my stuff on hold til later that night. When we were leaving, Austin grabbed Hayden to keep him from jumping out into traffic. It was such a sweet gesture! Austin doesn't like to touch other kids, so it was pretty cool that he felt the need to protect Hayden by grabbing him. It looked like they were hugging, but Austin was trying to keep Hayden from going any further. We will now call him Big Brother Austin.

I stopped by my house on the way to Tracy's and guess what was in my mailbox?! My first check for the Michael's book I am designing for! I was so so excited to finally get it. I started working on the book months ago, so it was nice to finally see some of the work paying off.

After dropping Tracy off, me and the kiddos went to a scrapbook store in Brevard. It was fabulous! I got some new Heidi Swapp stuff, Wild Asparagus, and Rusty Pickle. I ran into my friend Beth Hooper. She was teaching a class there that night on paper bag books. Her work is so great. The owner of the store was really nice and fun to talk to. If any of you are looking for a scrapbook store in Brevard, NC, check out Sandy's Scrapbooks. You won't regret it!

Clayton got off work around 7pm and we headed back towards the mall to get the clothes that I put on hold at The Children's Place. We let Hayden run around the playground while having dinner. The mall closed at 9 and we went home. After such a long day, everyone conked out pretty quickly.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day 2005 Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

The kiddos and I gave Clayton a golf equipment organizer and a handmade card with box today. I had the boys sign the card with their fingerprints. It turned out really cute. We went out for breakfast at IHOP and had the Stone River Tavern for dinner. All in all, the day turned out well. I tried to get a good photo of the 3 of them, but Hayden wouldn't cooperate. I did get a few with Emerson, but I will have to post them later.

Clayton forgot to call his own daddy today. I could kick him in the rear for that! I told him many times yesterday to do it, but he kept waiting til later to do it. Well, he waited too long and then went to bed without thinking about it. Ugh!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Poor guy sleeping while sitting up in the crib. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sweet Dreams

Poor Emerson! He will fall asleep in the most awkward places. His favorite spot is in the jumper. It's so pitiful! You will see him jumping happily one minute and then turn around to see him dead asleep with his head on the tray. Just a couple of days ago, he fell asleep sitting up in his high chair. Clayton went to get him out and he didn't flinch. Well, I put Squiggy (as he is lovingly called) into the crib sitting up. It was just so he wouldn't be in my way as I vaccuumed the living room. After doing that, I went to get him and he was head down on top of his mirror toy. I can't believe he didn't just fall over and lay down. I guess the kid kinda likes sleeping while sitting up. He sure is good at it! I will post a photo in a little bit.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Happy Anniversary Jason and Natascha

Hope you guys have a great one! Give us a call sometime. We are going to have to arrange a trip to see you guys soon :)

Now you can call me!

Yay! Found my phone today. It was in the stroller.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bad Day

Well, for one thing, I can't find my freakin' phone. Ugh! It is somewhere in this house, but Lord knows where. If any of you are trying to call me, that is why I am not answering. Call Clayton's phone. It's the same number except the last 2 digits are 82.

I found out from the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine that I have been denied being a surrogate mom through their clinic. That really blows. I took the news pretty hard, but the gal I am hoping to do this for made me feel better. We are simply going to try another clinic. This particular clinic turned down the first gal she tried to work with also. They are really nit picky. I got denied because I suffered from post-partum depression with my first baby. What a crock! I believe that the statistics say that there is a high percentage of first-time moms that get it. I am not an oddball. Oh well, they seem to think so. They could have at least had the counseling session that is required for the program with me before they concluded that I am looney. If they would have at least spoken to me, they would have realized that I am a great candidate for this and that I am not depressed. Hopefully, we will get another clinic to work with us. I have my fingers crossed!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Emerson's first chocolate chip cookie Posted by Hello

Anyone want some sugar? Posted by Hello

Isn't Hayden looking so much older?! Excuse the chocolate on his face, LOL. Posted by Hello

Hayden munching on some cookies Posted by Hello

Emerson learning to sit up Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A few firsts for the 1st!

Emerson finally began to sit up yesterday. I got some photos today of his new accomplishment. We are so proud of him! He also had his first chocolate chip cookie today. He looked like he fell face down into a pile of poop, LOL. I will get photos of Hayden and Big E enjoying their treats later tomorrow.