Sunday, March 23, 2014

My life as a background blur on tv

Banshee season 2 just wrapped up on Cinemax this month.  I made my way onto set a total of 5 times during the season.  It would have been more if I hadn't of been pumping milk for the first half of filming.  In the above frame, Rebecca (played by the lovely Lili Simmons) is snooping around the dressing room at the strip club.  I was sitting down in the background, putting my makeup on.  In the montage below, I am the gal walking out of the dressing room in the red shirt.  Clay Burton (played by Matt Rauch) is seen bypassing me in the club.  He is one of the funniest people that I have ever encountered while on set.  He is incredibly boisterous and loud, lol.  I got the honor of him singing the song "Brandy" to me.  Love him!  I hope he continues to be Kai Proctor's henchman in the future because I would hate for him to ever leave the show.  
I love my new hobby!  There were 2 times last year that I got asked to be on set directly by the casting director and I had to turn both times down though.  That royally sucked.  I was asked to be in Banshee's season 2 finale but I was on vacation in Orlando at the time.  The other gig was on the new movie that Kevin Smith filmed in Charlotte (Tusk).  I was in Raleigh to see Bon Jovi that day.  It was my only shot to be on Tusk so I was super sad about missing out.  Oh, and one time I got asked to be on Homeland but had to back out due to being sick.  Not cool.  Anyway, I can't wait to see what is in store for me this year.  I look forward to many more opportunities to be on set.

BTW, I got to take part in two other projects last year, The Novice (new series on USA Network) and Captive (a movie about the Atlanta court case where Brian Nichols shot a judge, fled, ran into a woman's home, and then had a change of heart when the woman read "The Purpose Driven Life" to him).  Clayton was also in Captive with me.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hayden has been bugging me for some cool plaid shirts to layer over his tees.  I have to say that the look suits both boys.  Even though I captured H making a funny face, they are both quite handsome. :)
I accompanied Hayden's 5th grade class on a STEM field trip at the Charlotte race track.  It was incredibly dull, I have to admit.  The kids had to do all these tests for balance, speed, etc.  It sounded like it would be fun but it wasn't.  The highlight for all the kids was the 2 laps we got to take via van around the track.  It was really neat to feel how high the inclines are.  The driver stopped on one of the turns and we all freaked out.  It felt just like our van would fall over.  After the track, we went over to Hendrick Motorsports to browse the museums and to talk to an engineer that worked there.  The engineer just happened to be a mechanical engineer from NC State.  He was in college at the same time Clayton and I were there.  We reminisced after he was done speaking to the kids.  It turns out that he almost applied to work at my husband's company but the Hendrick job popped up at just the right time.  Very cool dude, I must say.  
Hayden is on the right, behind the kid in the purple pullover.
Oh Molly, you crack me up!  She loves boxes and laps.  I don't know how she curls up so tight.  She's so cool. :)