Friday, September 30, 2011

Planet Box

I have an addiction to lunch boxes.  Don't ask me why but I love to buy them.  The Planet Box is something that I have been watching for years on the internet but I just never could pay such a steep price for them.  Well, this year I just had to.  And guess what?  I LOVE them!!  I was so afraid that I would spend all that money and feel like I wasted it.  They are sturdy metal and clasp shut with a clip that even a toddler can undo.  I always worry about my kids opening plastic containers and spilling their lunch all over themselves in the process.  With these, I never have to worry about that.  They are dishwasher safe (which is a MUST for me-I refuse to hand wash anything, lol).  The lunch bag is designed to hold the metal box perfectly.  It allows everything to fold out flat which would be great for car trips since they could hold it on their laps easily. If you are interested in learning more, you can check them out at Planet Box.  You can only buy them directly from their website or from Pottery Barn (which you can't customize as much there).  I am in no way affiliated with Planet Box nor am I being compensated to blog about them.  I just really love this product!

Your kids can choose from a variety of magnets to personalize their boxes.  Emerson chose the space theme and Hayden chose the modern art theme.  

I wish I had a couple more of these for myself and Clayton or so that I could pack up another day's worth of their lunches in advance but Clayton has already put the kabosh on that. :P

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wildcat Night at the Local Skating Rink

The boys' school had a skate night last Tuesday.  I was bummed because I couldn't skate.  A little known fact about me is that I am quite good at it.  I am one of those geeks that can turn around and I skate better backwards than forward.  Anyway, I have apparently busted my knees from running so skating was out of the question.  I was sad but the kiddos had a fun time.  Emerson started off slow and got better by the end of the night.  Hayden started off fast without caring how many times he fell.  By the end of the night, he was whiny from hurting himself so much, lol.  I can't wait for next month's skate night as I plan to be rehabilitated enough to participate, dang it!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

These Floors---*Swoon*

This is not our house.  This is a spec home we toured that had beautiful dark hardwood floors.  We fell in love with them and I have to say that this pic does them no justice.  They are deep java brown and have no shine. There is lots of distressing (which isn't visible in the pic) and the planks are 5" wide (which is hard to distinguish in this pics also).  They look like something straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog.  We would have bought this small house that didn't fit our needs just to get that gorgeous flooring.  Thank the Lord that our builder offers it as a upgrade in the house that we are likely going to build.  We visited the design center yesterday just to see what options they had.  After seeing this flooring, we knew we had to have them.  I would give up all the other upgrades for these floors.  They are that fabulous.  Luckily, the upgrade to them wasn't too bad so we are planning to roll with it. :) 

Monday, September 19, 2011

So far...

Model Home-"Dorsey Hall"

We have decided to go with building this house. I don't love this elevation though so it will likely have a fully bricked front and a cool roof line rather than this one. I don't know. The inside of this home is amazing and we haven't been able to find anything to rival it at its price point. We did find homes better but they were a lot more money and less square footage. What made it a pain to choose was because the more expensive homes are districted for the best schools in the county. I hope that the school in this development's district will be okay. We currently have the kiddos there now to try it out ahead of time (the apartment we are in is actually districted for the really amazing schools, sigh...).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Progress, maybe...

We may or may not have sold our house last night.  Considering the way things went back in July (our house sold but then had to return to the market 2 weeks later because the buyer's loan fell through), we aren't jumping up and down just yet.  We have our guards up.  Last time, we jumped for joy and immediately joined the country club here in Concord.  Big mistake.  We won't do that again.  We will wait and see that everything is going to work out before we get excited.  The good news is that these buyers put down more earnest money than necessary and they have a rather large down payment.  It looks great but I am still very cautious.  If our house does indeed sell this time, the closing date is currently set for 9/14.  I have said many prayers and crossed all my fingers/toes that this time it's for real.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Chimney Rock, NC

Tracy and Addison

Last month, the boys and I headed up to the mountains to spend some time with Tracy.  Tracy was my best friend when I lived up in Hendersonville (near Asheville).  Hayden and her boy Austin are close in age and spent most of their early childhood together before we moved out to Colorado.  We had a blast revisiting.  I got to meet her cute daughter Addison for the first time.  She was born one month after we moved so I never got to see her.  She's now 4 years old.  Time sure does fly!  Anyway, it was like old times.  We ate lots of good food (Papa's & Beer and The Fireside are 2 of my faves) and goofed off a lot.  One day we headed out to Chimney Rock to mine for gems and to wade in the river.  I wish I had my regular camera with me but all I had was the iPhone.      



Chimney Rock, NC-continued

Austin and Hayden

The guy in the corner would never move.  He insisted on being in my pics, lol.

Random pics from the end of April

Hayden's last day of 2nd grade with Mrs. Nelson (this was the last day we spent in Colorado)

Road trip to NC (Topeka, Kansas)

Awesome brewery in Topeka that we stopped at

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Finally Back Online!

We are still sitting in an apartment while we wait for our house in Colorado to sell.  It has been a nightmare.  Our house supposedly sold back on 7/29 but then the buyer's loan fell through 2 weeks later.  As a result, we have been stuck in limbo land.  We can't buy or build until that house is sold.  Money is becoming an issue since we have to still pay the mortgage and utilities for CO while paying rent and utilities for our apartment here in NC.  On top of that, we have paid some money out to reserve our lot to build (if we end up going that route).  I have tried to get a job to help pay some bills but nothing has worked out.  Everything seems to be a big halt at the moment.  So that's what has been going on.  Sorry for my absence here on the ole blog.  We didn't want to shell out the money for cable internet until we got a house but we broke down this past week.  I just couldn't deal with watching Netflix and Facebooking via my iPhone any longer.  3G isn't good enough for all my techie entertainment, lol.  BTW, all of our stuff is still in CO so we didn't even have a tv to run movies on (I used my laptop or my iPhone).  Suffice it to say, it has been rather dull around here.

Anyway, I plan to return to blogging now that I have glorious wifi once again!  Hope everyone hasn't left me.