Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A White Halloween

Dang it, I got a visitor today that I really didn't want. Look at my front steps. I sure hope it doesn't get worse. We already have more than enough to ruin Halloween if it sticks around. I would guess that we have about 6-8 in. so far from this current storm and we are in for more over the next 24 hours. Now how in the world are my kiddos going to be able to get on all their snow gear underneath their costumes? Ugh.

Our poor Halloween decorations (somewhere under the snow is a giant purple spider blow-up thing)
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hayden Lost His First Tooth-10/20/09

Wow, I can't believe that Hayden is now beginning to lose his baby teeth. It seems a bit weird to finally hit this milestone. My boy is definitely growing up. He is so proud of his new snaggletooth smile and so am I, lol. He managed to simply pull the tooth straight out on his own. I couldn't believe that he did it so easily. When I was his age, I would let the loose tooth dangle by a thread for days before I would tug at it. He's much braver than I was.

BTW, I am really proud of this boy academically. We went to his parent-teacher conference tonight and his teacher said that he was doing very well. He is expected to only be a level 4 reader but he is already a level 8. She said he was a 4 when he tested with her before the school year even began. That's my boy!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lots of Stuff to Talk About

Wow, the past couple of weeks have been stressful, to say the least. Last week was really hard because we were waiting on Clayton's company to announce who they were laying off. Considering that there are only 2 process engineers on hubby's machine (a great guy that has been around for 30 years and Clayton), we were really concerned. The good news is that they didn't lay off my husband. The bad news is that they let the other guy go. It was a total shocker considering that he was the brain of the whole operation. If anyone needed assistance, he knew how to fix their problems. It is going to be rough around there without him. I am afraid that Clayton will be expected to take on all of the same issues/problems. He is a great engineer but you can't beat 30 years experience. I just hope that he can handle all his responsibilities without feeling too much pressure. Anyhoo, the other engineer was getting ready to retire in a couple of years so this was okay with him. He was shocked initially but he is fine with it all.

My Mom has been spending alot of time in the hospital lately. She had surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove 3 feet of her colon. Her recovery in the hospital took a week and then she went home. Last Wednesday, she had some major complications and ended up going back to the hospital. The doctor said that she had a blockage and that it would take some time to dissolve. She was released to go home this morning. She is sore but at least she is doing better.

We boo'd our neighbors tonight. We had 2 bags of goodies so we chose to deliver them to the Vetters and the Leals. I love this fun tradition and I can't wait to see how many people down the street participate. If you have no clue what I am talking about:
1)You make 2 bags of Halloween treats.
2)After dark, you deliver them to 2 different homes in your 'hood by ringing the door bell and running.
3)The neighbor opens the door to see the treat bag outside with no one around.
4)The neighbor then does the same thing for 2 other neighbors and the cycle continues.
5)Once you have been boo'd you put a sign on your door so no one else will boo you. You want to make sure that as many neighbors as possible get a turn. It's so much fun!

Hayden lost his first tooth today. I can't believe how long it has taken to get to this momentous day. He got his teeth really early as a baby and so the doctor believed he would lose them early. Well, he was wrong. Everyone in H's class has lost at least 1 tooth by now. He is so excited to now be a snaggle-tooth. I will post a pic as soon as I can get around to it.

Anyone hear of a company called Scentsy? Let me tell you, it rocks!! I got a burner from my Mother-in-law for my birthday. I absolutely love it. It works with a light bulb rather than a candle so I don't have to light anything. The smells that Scentsy offers are remarkable. I have honey pear cider going right now. It is delicious! Anyhoo, my friend Johnna is now a consultant and I have agreed to let her demo these things at my house. We are having a party on 10/30 at 7:30pm if any of you are interested. I will be serving cocktails and appetizers/desserts. It will be a guaranteed fun night. Bring a friend. The more, the merrier! If you need directions, just email me from the side bar and I will send them to you. ;)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Booby Woes

Oh man, I am scheduled to get another boob job on 1/15. My right implant is slipping a little bit due to my muscles relaxing more than expected. You cannot tell by just looking at me. It is only noticeable when I am naked. The scar under righty is a bit higher than lefty because the implant is sliding down behind it. The surgery is supposed to be super simple. All the surgeon has to do is go in there and tack it back up. He mentioned to me that he could also trade out the implants for some bigger ones since I wanted a little more cleavage than I got. The new implants would only cost about $300 since I would only have to pay for the implants themselves. That is the actual cost to him for them. We shall see. Anyway, I do not owe him anything but I do have to pay for an anesthesiologist and an OR fee again. Sigh....

I went in for my 3rd round of laser hair removal yesterday and it was super painful. I should have shaved a couple of days ago but I didn't. The hairs were longer than they should have been so it made the laser spark like crazy. Ugh. After getting my underarms done I passed on the bikini line. I may choose to get the bikini line done next week or I may just forget it. I will make up my mind sometime next week.