Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few recipes to share...

I made latkes the other night that were gobbled up quickly. We will be having them again, that's for sure. I added more onion than it calls for and used olive oil to fry them in. Yum!

I have also made Quick and Easy Chicken twice now and it rocks! The photos for it on stink. Trust me, it looks better than it is depicted and it tastes oh-so-good.

Last month I decided to try a new lasagna recipe and I am so glad I did. It honestly is the best lasagna that I have ever put in my mouth. Try it. You won't regret it. World's Best Lasagna

Friday, January 08, 2010


My VNG test came out normal. I was expecting that to happen though since I haven't been getting dizzy lately. I really would have liked to have the testing done while I was experiencing daily dizziness. Maybe now the nerve has healed enough to not be defective any more. Who knows? Anyway, the audiologist was a bit baffled on some of my symptoms and seems to think that I may be experiencing migraines now. They really have no clue and that scares me even more. If the doctors don't know then I am at a loss. I want to know what went wrong with my inner ear. Oh well, maybe it is on the mend now and all this crap is now officially over. I did know going into this test that it could come out normal even if I still had issues. Sometimes the test can't determine damage when you are feeling well as opposed to if you went into it while feeling bad.

BTW, that test was brutal. The cold air that she shot into my ears induced instant vertigo. I had to clutch the table because I thought that it would spin me right off of it. That air thingie is evil I tell ya!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today is the big day!!

I am finally having the VNG test done today. It will hopefully help uncover some of the mystery of why I have been dealing with dizziness over the past couple of month. I am so ready to get it all over with. They are going to purposely make me dizzy by putting cool and warm air in my ears. All the while I will be wearing a huge set of special goggles that records my eye movements. I will be exposed to moving targets and flashes to see how my eyes react to the stimulus. My eye movements will be very telling. By stimulating my nervous system in ways that affect my balance and then measuring my eye movements, the audiologist will be able to learn more about my vestibular abnormalities.

I had to prep for this test by not taking any sleeping meds, motion sickness pills or Valium over the past 48 hours. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to do that but I haven't taken any Ambien in over a week and the last Valium I took was on New Year's Eve (I had a really random dizzy while playing a board game at my friend Melissa's house). To help myself prep for not taking sleeping meds, I started to try to sleep on my own last week. It was so hard the first couple of days but I stuck it out. I still don't sleep well but it is at least doable. I fall asleep easily but I tend to wake up at weird intervals throughout the night. It's strange but I have to sleep almost totally upright. When I lay my head down like a normal person, my head will spin when I shut my eyes. It's very uncomfortable. Once I figured that out I haven't had as many problems with dizziness. I believe that the fluid in my inner ears moves to a touchy spot when my head lays back. As long as I stay vertical, I don't get dizzy. Weird, huh?

Anyway, wish me luck! I will report on here as soon as I can. Hopefully we will learn something today about my condition. If it isn't today, then it will likely be next Thursday when they compile the results of all of my tests to figure this thing out. I soooo want to get back to normal. It's bad to say but I can't quit thinking about doing surrogacy again so I need to get this thing taken care of soon.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ice Skating (please excuse the pics)

Back in December, we made a trip to the local shopping center (Centerra) to go ice skating. Hayden announced that he would be great at it and need no help. Boy was he wrong, lol. He was on his butt more than he was on his feet. Clayton helped him while Emerson and I watched. E originally wanted to try it but changed his mind when we got there so I stayed with him on the outskirts of the rink. Please excuse the horrid lighting in the photos. I didn't take my big camera with me so it's somewhat my fault. It also didn't help that it was really dark out there with sparse lights that changed color every few seconds.

Skating in front of the big Centerra Christmas tree (that weird ufo thingie in the photo is an overhead lamp that wasn't turned on).

Emerson was being such a butthead. He refused to smile for me so I took his pic anyway, lol.
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