Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ice Skating (please excuse the pics)

Back in December, we made a trip to the local shopping center (Centerra) to go ice skating. Hayden announced that he would be great at it and need no help. Boy was he wrong, lol. He was on his butt more than he was on his feet. Clayton helped him while Emerson and I watched. E originally wanted to try it but changed his mind when we got there so I stayed with him on the outskirts of the rink. Please excuse the horrid lighting in the photos. I didn't take my big camera with me so it's somewhat my fault. It also didn't help that it was really dark out there with sparse lights that changed color every few seconds.

Skating in front of the big Centerra Christmas tree (that weird ufo thingie in the photo is an overhead lamp that wasn't turned on).

Emerson was being such a butthead. He refused to smile for me so I took his pic anyway, lol.
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Renae Burt said...

cute! I need to take the boys ice skating...we've never been!
I would probably break a bone...:)