Friday, October 02, 2009

Booby Woes

Oh man, I am scheduled to get another boob job on 1/15. My right implant is slipping a little bit due to my muscles relaxing more than expected. You cannot tell by just looking at me. It is only noticeable when I am naked. The scar under righty is a bit higher than lefty because the implant is sliding down behind it. The surgery is supposed to be super simple. All the surgeon has to do is go in there and tack it back up. He mentioned to me that he could also trade out the implants for some bigger ones since I wanted a little more cleavage than I got. The new implants would only cost about $300 since I would only have to pay for the implants themselves. That is the actual cost to him for them. We shall see. Anyway, I do not owe him anything but I do have to pay for an anesthesiologist and an OR fee again. Sigh....

I went in for my 3rd round of laser hair removal yesterday and it was super painful. I should have shaved a couple of days ago but I didn't. The hairs were longer than they should have been so it made the laser spark like crazy. Ugh. After getting my underarms done I passed on the bikini line. I may choose to get the bikini line done next week or I may just forget it. I will make up my mind sometime next week.


Nicole said...

Oh man, that sucks! I guess it could be worse and hey if you get a second chance to be bigger then go for it! Good luck with the surgery.