Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hayden Lost His First Tooth-10/20/09

Wow, I can't believe that Hayden is now beginning to lose his baby teeth. It seems a bit weird to finally hit this milestone. My boy is definitely growing up. He is so proud of his new snaggletooth smile and so am I, lol. He managed to simply pull the tooth straight out on his own. I couldn't believe that he did it so easily. When I was his age, I would let the loose tooth dangle by a thread for days before I would tug at it. He's much braver than I was.

BTW, I am really proud of this boy academically. We went to his parent-teacher conference tonight and his teacher said that he was doing very well. He is expected to only be a level 4 reader but he is already a level 8. She said he was a 4 when he tested with her before the school year even began. That's my boy!
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wholarmor said...

Good for him! My daughter just started losing hers since this last summer, and she's 6(although she's turning 7 this Saturday *sniff*). I thought it would never happen!

Sounds like he's moving right along in school!