Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Our 'buggy' weekend

I haven't been updating lately because we have all been sick. It all started with E throwing up last Wednesday night. He was fine on Thursday and then he was totally stricken on Friday. It was so weird. I had to get him up at 11:30am because he was still asleep. It turned out that he was running a fever and so he did nothing but lay on me for the next 3 hours. H got the bug that night after he went to bed and ended up puking on everything in sight. Why, oh why, did I buy Pottery Barn Quilts for my kids??? He ruined his quilt with the ABC's and 123's that he ate for dinner. Yuck. Clayton didn't feel good either on Friday. He came home after work and complained of nausea. I felt it later that evening. On Saturday, everyone was fine but me. I felt miserable. Oh well, at least it didn't last very long.

Yesterday, the kids and I went over to Krista's house for a playdate. Tracy and Austin joined in too. We tried to watch Cars, but it was impossible, lol. At least the kids had a fun time and us gals got to chat for awhile.

I have to go back to the oral surgeon today after the kids get out of school. I hope he doesn't try to touch the gaping holes in the back of my mouth. I may have to smack him if he does.