Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Notice my new ticker?!

I gotta say, I am SUPER excited about our upcoming September family vacation. After researching alot on the net we finally found a fabulous deal on a Disney cruise. Everyone seems to think that Disney does it better than all the other cruise lines so we really wanted to try them. We found a great 7 day cruise in the western Caribbean and decided to book. The best thing is that our awesome friends, the Barnes', have decided to go too. We are going to have a blast! It's going to be a long wait beforehand. I am so impatient. That ticker is going to take forever to count down to departure. Ack.


Joanna Bolick said...

Mark & I were just talking about doing a Disney Cruise early next year! Great - now you can give us the scoop!! ; )

Cathy said...

We went on a three day Disney cruise last October and it was so much fun. Your kids will have a blast. There are so many photo opportunities with the characters and all the adults enjoy it just as much as the kids do.

Sandy and Sage said...

I want to go!!!!!

We'll miss you next year. I loved seeing you the past couple of years at Disney.

I know you'll have a good time on your cruise!

sherbear said...

We went on a Disney cruise with our girls and it was a blast!!