Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's get this show on the road

Dang it, I cannot wear my wedding ring now and that is really bugging me. I am not all that swollen but my ring finger is a tad bit bigger than normal because my ring can barely go over the knuckle. Ugh! I know, I know. That is a common pregnancy occurence but I have never had it happen to me. I just hate that people out in public think that I am a knocked-up unwed teenager (supposedly I look fairly young). Sheesh.

I spent the majority of the weekend in bed due to a pinched nerve in my back. I have no idea how I managed to get it but I did and it hurts. If I sit up in a certain way it acts up on me. I was planning to go to the spa this week and get a massage but I don't know if I can. We shall see. My back may not like me laying on my stomach for such a long period of time. That totally stinks too because that is the main reason I like going in for prenatal massages. The ability to lay on my stomach on one of those special tables built just for preggo tummies is the best. Maybe I should go in for some sort of foot/leg treatment if I am not up for the massage? Hmmmm...

Only 1 more day and I will be able to give birth in the nearest and newest hospital. They don't allow births there before 36 weeks gestation due to not having a NICU for premies. I gave birth there in December 2007 and I loved that hospital so much. I am so glad that I am going to get to go there again this time around. The place is pretty new (built in March 2007) and it offers some of the best amenites (jacuzzi tubs, wireless fetal monitoring that can even be used in the tub, plasma tvs, room service just like hotels offer and beautiful views of the Rockies). The nurses there rock too. Now we just wait until that magic day rolls around. So far I see no reason to think that baby girl is going to come out anytime soon. She seems to be happily snug in my belly. If she doesn't decide to come on her own before 39 weeks then we will have an induction on 3/17 providing that my body has progressed enough to facilitate an easy induction. Ahhhh, I can't wait to be able to sleep on my tummy and to be able to wear my own clothes again. That seems like such a dream right now, lol. I am getting so anxious which makes this process seem to drag along. Why must the last few weeks of pregnancy seem like forever?


Anonymous said...

I have been following you for awhile. Natascha and I worked together a long time ago and remained friends. You are doing such an amazing thing! Good luck! 3/16 is my birthday so your mention of an induction on 3/17 caught my eye. Such a pretty month don't you think? Hope you get your massage. That sounds so nice!


Mom, wife, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast and forever discovering life! said...

Sorry to hear about your back gal!! Why dont you go in for a upper back and neck massage? That way you can relax without having to lie doown..I think they can do it sorta sitting. know its not the best:(...Hang in there..just three weeks to go..eeeekkkkk!! So scared!


Joanna Bolick said...

That hospital sounds wonderful!!!