Monday, February 09, 2009

Holy cow, I am close to birthing time!

I can't believe that I will be hitting the 34 week mark tomorrow. Time sure has flown. It's really weird to think that in just 2 weeks from Tuesday the baby will be considered full term. I have to make it to that mark to deliver at the nearby awesome hospital in Loveland. They don't have a NICU and any baby under 36 weeks is considered a premie which means I couldn't deliver there. I would have to go up to Fort Collins to deliver. If I happen to make it to induction date (3/17) then I am 5 weeks away as that would be 39 weeks for me. Gee, it is all happening so fast now.

I have to admit, labor/delivery has always been my favorite part of the pregnancy but this time I am a little bit nervous. Since baby girl moved from the breach position and is now head down and possibly engaged, I shouldn't be as scared as I was a couple of weeks ago about the possibility of a C-Section. I guess my fear has gone from the threat of a possible C-Section to the worry that I will have a super fast birth with no time to think or get drugs if I want them. My neighbor told me a horrible story about one of her births. She ended up stepping out of her shower when she was preggo and immediately felt a contraction. Shortly after that, her baby girl delivered herself. She had no time to think or to call paramedics. How scary is that?! I would be traumatized without the support and care of a nursing staff overseeing everything during the birthing process. Nurses rock! Also, Clayton is a great labor coach so I would be lost if he wasn't around during the pushing phase.

I have already gotten my hospital bag half-packed and all the stuff that I have for the IPs is already bagged and ready to go when the magic begins to happen. My pump and supplies have arrived so I am ready to move to the next phase. Whoo hoo!

Now here is an extremely important question for you guys-What Nintendo DS game do I need to buy for entertainment? I have already finished MillionHeir, CrossworDS and Brain Age II. I need something new to occupy my down time in the hospital. Any recommendations?


kroert99 said...

A good friend of mine has had two home births, and her husband delivered the last one! The midwife arrived minutes after the baby was delivered. Insane. Good luck!