Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Surrogacy and Disney Cruise #2

I am close to embarking on my 3rd surro journey. Stay tuned for upcoming details!!

We have already booked our next Disney cruise for the eastern Caribbean for 1/29/11-2/5/11 and we are super excited! The first day just happens to be Hayden's birthday also. It may have to move though if I am pregnant because you can't be past 24 weeks on the ship. That would be fine by us because then we would go even earlier. In that instance, we are looking at October 23 of this year. Whoo hoo!!


Nicole said...

How fun!! I would love to be a surrogate, but I dont know if I could handle it in the end. I grew so close to my babies in pregnancy that I dont know if I could do that....You are a VERY strong person.

PSNYC said...

Best of luck on your new surro journey!!