Friday, May 28, 2010

My Gardening Ventures

2 types of lettuce, a couple carrots and onions

One of my square foot gardening boxes

So far, my square foot gardens are doing wonderfully. I never have to weed and they are so easy to maintain. I have 2 boxes, 1 is shown above and the other contains mostly herbs with a few tomatoes, leeks, peas and zucchini plants. It is amazing how well everything is doing. I have already harvested the lettuces 3 times and have cut some of the herbs many times. My next harvest will include spinach. In addition to my boxes, I have 5 strawberry plants and 2 watermelons planted within our landscaping.

I will say though that I have babied these plants and seedlings. Unfortunately, we have had snow, wind and hail hit us but I have managed to keep them all healthy. You should see me run outside and cover them all whenever I see a storm coming. I am sure the neighbors think that it is hilarious. I have a million containers that I use to individually cover each and every plant. It takes forever to do but has shielded them from snow/hail damage.

Broccoli, chives and spinach

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