Friday, May 29, 2009

Mrs. H & Hayden (5/22)

What is it that makes a kindergarten teacher so special? I still remember mine from back in the day and I will never forget her. She was absolutely awesome and I loved being in her class. Hayden's teacher made me think of her so much. Both were pretty with blonde hair, had fun personalities and the ability to make a kid feel special. I hope Hayden always remembers this woman because she helped start his school career off with a bang. Thanks to her, he is well prepared for the education that lies in front of him. Thanks Mrs. H for all that you have done for Hayden and thanks Mrs. Davis for all that you did for me. :)


linda said...

Sounds like he had a great kindergarten year.. Tobi also had an amazing teacher.. Do you want to bring the boys over to city park pool in a few weeks?? Tobi has church basketball camp the 8th - the 12th

Sandy and Sage said...

Can you believe he graduated from Kindergarten? Time flies so quickly!

Did you get my email I sent you last week?

Have a great summer!