Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catching Up-Zoo, Kidlet Updates, Boobies, etc.

Back in April, we headed to the Denver Zoo with Johnna and her kiddos. We had a good time picnicing on one of the lawns. There seemed to be a ton of Canadian geese nesting and that was pretty cool. See Emerson above? He is looking at the goose from afar because he was afraid of being pecked to death if he got too close, lol.

Here's Talan trying to make Emerson smile for the camera. He was being a pain and just scowled at me until Talan stepped in to help.

A family of geese that we saw near a water fountain

My Mom flew in on April 25th to keep me company while Clayton went away on business. He was gone to Cinncinati for 2 weeks to take some kind of classes for work. I could never be alone at night that long because I get too scared so that is why Mom came to the rescue. It definitely helped having her here. We went out to eat a million times and had fun shopping. I introduced her to the legendary Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish and now she is hooked. The funny thing is that she doesn't even like shrimp all that much but loved these. Hubby was the same way too until he had them. They are totally addictive.

Emerson finished school last week. His school sponsored a fun picnic and then had a program later that evening. My last post on here has a pic of him in his cute outfit. Little boys look so adorable in ties (he calls it his ribbon, lol).

Hayden took his first field trip with his school to the zoo last week. He was so excited to ride the bus and eat a sack lunch. This Thursday is his official last day as a kindergartner and he will have a field day/beach bash party on Friday morning. He has been playing t-ball and played his first game last night. He did great! I love watching his team and he seems to really enjoy playing the sport. Thank God he has some interest in athletics. Last year he lolligagged on the fields as everyone else played soccer. He was so not interested, lol. Now he actually wants to play soccer again so we will register him for fall soccer soon. It just took him another year to want to play sports. Yay!! I love being a sports mama.

Both kiddos should be getting their passports soon. We applied for them last week. Once they arrive we will officially have all of our documents for the upcoming Disney cruise in September. Now we just need to get them swimming. Both boys are signed up for swim lessons starting in early June.

Now on to me. Check out the blurry photo below. Do you see that large mound that seems to be growing out of Hayden's cheek? That would be my new boobies, lol. Right now I am in a 34D bra which is just insane. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight but my boobies don't seem to be going anywhere. I am still pumping 3-4 times a day for the baby so that is why they haven't disappeared as of yet. I would love to be able to keep them but I know that they will shrivel after I wean. If I could just keep them I wouldn't need that surgery in July. Sheesh. That would save me a ton of money. Ahhh, but Mother Nature is so stinkin' cruel. She makes me blossom and then takes it all back later. Sigh....
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