Friday, March 27, 2009


No, that bottle didn't just come from my milk man. That's all me. Just call me a walking dairy. Baby girl seems to really like my milk. She didn't do as well on formula. She had to be supplemented with formula while I built up enough milk reserves to ship a cooler-full to her in NY. I sent 360 ounces of frozen liquid gold this past Monday via FedEx overnight. I hope to send her another cooler next week. Right now I am averaging 40 ounces a day. I think that it should be a little bit higher by now but the doctor told me that the antibiotics that I took last week can hinder milk supply. I won't complain though because I am making more than enough to feed her daily. She is currently drinking 20 ounces a day. Grow baby girl, grow!

The filled cooler ready for shipping

You would think that I had a new baby at home just by looking at my countertop, huh? It's insane how many bottles and pump items I have to clean on a daily basis. It's all worth it though. ;-)
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Sherry said...

You're awesome! It's so cool you are able to feed your surrobaby too. I'll bet she's really growing!

Krista Smith said...

I'm still nursing and pumping and that's what my counter looks like too! LOL
We call it liquid gold as well! funny!

Kimberly said...

You constantly amaze me!