Sunday, March 29, 2009



One would think that we must starve our children since they felt the need to resort to eating snow. I assure you that we do feed our kiddos, lol.

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linda said...

Great photos.. Nathan my youngest tried eating the snow and ended up with a mouth full of grass.. He was not at all happy.. I did not go to UGA, I am however a die hard fan.. I would love to get together either at the treasure box or at a park here in Fort Collins..

Have you been to the brewery in Estes Park?? If so is the food good?? We are thinking about heading up there in a couple of weeks, and would like to eat there.. Have a great Friday..

Nicole said...

We are here in Littleton and my youngest cant get enough of the stuff! Your snow looks nice and clean :) He has been trying to eat snow that has been shoveled and mixed with the salt. Ughhhhh.