Saturday, December 24, 2005

A phone call from Santa, new jammies, and sugar cookies

Santa called Hayden around 6pm tonight. He was excited to hear from the big man himself. I am going to arrange this every year from now on. How cool!

Joanna's mission was successful (if you are wondering what I am talking about, check out my post from earlier today). She delivered the pajamas without anyone seeing her. Hayden thinks that elves brought them to him (that's what we told him, lol). The note told him to put on his jammies and hop in bed early because Santa is on his way. He was thrilled. Clayton was just as surprised.

We made sugar cookies tonight because Clayton insists that Santa *MUST* have them, lol. They turned out really pretty. Hayden enjoyed helping decorate the special ones for Santa. They are now on a special plate on the mantle waiting to be eaten by the big man (no-I am not referring to my hubby, hee hee).


Renae Burt said...

very cute p.s. What a cool idea! I am sure the kids did love that!!