Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fun Friday and a New Layout

I just completed this simple and sweet layout of Emerson from last Christmas. He was so little and cute. I sure miss those baby days. Everything used came from the latest scrapbook kit from The Scrapbook Stand ;)

Last night, I went to Mom's Night Out with the MOMS Club. I was Mom-in-charge so I chose a fun restaurant called McGuffey's and then a movie theatre afterwards. We didn't make it to the movies. Instead, we headed over to Applebee's for drinks and dessert. It was so much fun! We had a great turn-out. The night was filled with eating and chatting without kids to tend to. How nice is that?! I am going to be the Mom-in-charge again next month and we all agreed that Applebee's would be fun to do again, so that is what I am going to arrange. I can't wait! Posted by Picasa


Renae Burt said...

That is soo funny...I am head of Mom's Night Out for our Mom's Club. We have our MNO is coming Tuesday night...we are going to a pottery place (where you desing and paint your own pottery)....we usually eat out every other month.

---fun huh?


*Heather said...

Cute layout Brandy! Love the circle! ;)

Krista Smith said...

I had a great time Brandy! I enjoyed getting to know you better. I still think we should get our families together for dinner, you pick a day!

Cute site!!