Wednesday, September 03, 2008

So sick of being sick

Well, I'll be danged (yes, I am from the South). I can't seem to get a break lately. I thought that Zofran was going to miraculously make my life better since it took away all of my nausea but then the side effects decided to take over this past week. Last Thursday was the worst day EVER and I am not even going to go into specifics as to why. Just trust me on this one. Anyhoo, since I had to stop taking the Zofran for a while I have had to deal with the yucky nausea again. Ugh. It is miserable. If my previous 3 pregnancies had of been like this I wouldn't be sitting here with a 4th. You can bet your booty on that one. I have always breezed through the first 2 trimesters and could eat whatever the heck I wanted. This time I have to force myself to eat even though I don't want anything. That sucks and totally takes the enjoyment of not worrying about my calorie intake away (I have the mentality that I am going to get fat anyway so who cares if I eat a box of Twinkies, lol).

I will say that the past few days have been a little bit better. The bouts of nausea have spaced further out and seem to begin in the early evening. Hopefully I will be able to get out of the nausea phase before our Disney World trip. We are leaving in 16 days and I am a little bit concerned about me not being able to eat while there. I will be so angry if I can't take full advantage of the dining plan. Ugh.


Joanna Bolick said...

Well, now I feel better, hearing you say that if you were sick with all the pregnancies you wouldn't be here with #4!! Considering I never enjoyed either of my pregnancies, that is... okay, though, I still feel sorry for you, because it ISN'T fun to be sick all the time! It's gotta be a girl, don't you think?

Crystal Johnson said...

Ah, I was thinking girl too! At least you look amazing, right?!

I hope you feel better soon!