Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Disney Trip-Day 9 (September 27, 2008)

This was our last day and we were so ready to return back to the wonderful climate of Colorado. I won't miss how we would start sweating the moment that we would walk outside, that's for sure. We started off with eating breakfast in the room and then we gathered all of our belongings for Magical Express to pick-up. We left everything with concierge and did some last minute shopping in the Boutiki shop on the bottom floor of the Polynesian. Lunchtime was spent at Captain Cook's just before our 2pm pick-up for the airport. After getting our tummies full, we boarded our bus and started the arduous journey home. Our flight left at 5:15pm (Eastern time) and we arrived in CO around 7:10pm (Mountain time). After gathering up our luggage we had to take another bus to pick up our car from the parking lot. It felt so good to finally be back home and riding in the car seemed like such a luxury, lol. My butt was tired of sitting in uncomfortable seats on the monorail, buses and planes. It was nice not having to rent a car in Orlando though.

So that was the end. We had a good time but we aren't planning on going back for a few years. Disney World is such a tiring trip. Our next vacation will be either spent in England with the Barnes family, on a beach somewhere or on a cruise. Whatever we do it will not be as fast-paced as this trip. We want lots of opportunities to just lounge around and relax.

Stay tuned for Disney Photo Pass Pics. I have to order them and then upload the CD once I get it. It will be a couple of weeks or so until I get it.


Kimberly said...

Loved reading about your DISNEY expereince! It is such a wonderful place to be...magical for sure. You look wonderful and loved the pictures you shared.