Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Disney Trip-Day 1 (September 19, 2008)

The view from our balcony
Dinner-'Ohana (Polynesian) 9:00pm

On Friday we flew out of Denver at 9:50AM (Mountain time) on a full flight to Orlando. It was kinda weird because last year our flight wasn't even half full. I didn't mind though because at least we all had a seat. The 3.5 hour flight seemed to last forever because we were all so excited to be visiting the mouse again this year. We touched down at MCO just before 3:30pm (Eastern time) and quickly proceeded down to Magical Express. Thank God that they picked up our bags and delivered them straight to the room for us. That was one less thing for us to have to deal with and I am ever so thankful for that service!

On the bus ride to the Polynesian Resort, we had to endure a hellish bus ride with the grossest family we had ever seen. For starters, I wish that the parents and 3 kids would take a bath. Seriously. They looked so dingy. Their hair was straggly and greasy. The 2 boys had hair down to their shoulders and it was not a good look for them. Clayton said that he would love to chop their mops off, lol. Their annoying girl keep running up and down the aisles. I would love to have stuck my foot out in the aisle but I refrained, lol. Anyway, I am not trying to pick on this family but they really didn't seem to give a flip about their appearance. I am not one for staying in fashion or wearing the newest trendy haircut but I do at least try to be clean. The parents also didn't care how annoying/loud their kids were and I have no tolerance for that.

One of the gross boys sat in front of my 2 kiddos and would not leave them alone. He was a horrible influence with the things he said and the way he behaved. Clayton and I thought that he was way too old to playing around with our kids. Why was he so interested? We ended up yelling at our kids several times because they were emulating his bad behavior and so he finally turned around in his seat. That's when we saw him do it. You know, the grossest thing that kids do. He picked a booger from his nose and proceeded to play with it. Ugh. He rolled it around a good long while and then turned back around to stick his hands near my kids. I about freaked. If he had touched them, I swear I would have caused a ruckus. He was old enough to know that picking your nose is a private affair and he should never have done it as we watched. Gross.

Our bus stopped at the Poly and much to our dismay, the gross family got off the bus with us. I couldn't help but think that they would end up in a room next to us but thank the Lord that they didn't. We only saw them once more while they we going to the pool but that was it.

Our room was 3216 in Aotearora. If you are standing in front of the Poly, this is the farthest room to the left on the top floor (third floor). The monorail was right in front of our balcony. That's a cool sight to see first thing in the morning. We loved watching them whizz by throughout our stay. The only bad thing about this longhouse was that we had a longer walk to the TTC to catch the Epcot monorail than last year. That really wasn't that big of a deal though so we managed.

Mom and Judy rented a car and met us at the Poly later that evening. We then took off for dinner in the Ceromonial House at 'Ohana. 'Ohana was just okay. I am not a big fan of the skewered meats and that is the definite highlight there. I am mad that they took off the yummy Maui potatoes that they had last year but at least the replacement was good (noodles). The salad and dumplings were yummy too. The best part was the dessert though. That was the whole reason we even went there this time. I HAD to have it, lol. It is bread pudding a la mode with a banana foster sauce. Oh my, that dessert is exquisite and it surely didn't disappoint. We had a great table in a secluded corner and we watched Hallowishes while eating. They even piped in the music for us to hear. We enjoyed ourselves but we won't be booking dinner there again. Instead, we will opt to do the character breakfast there from now on.


Renae Burt said...

it looks like you guys had a blast..
Thanks for filling us in on your trip :)