Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Disney Trip-Day 5 (September 23, 2008)

Today's Destination: Magic Kingdom

Breakfast-Kona Cafe (Polynesian) 8:10am
Lunch-Pinnochio Haus (MK-counter service)
Dinner-Whispering Canyon Cafe (Wilderness Lodge) 8:50pm

Breakfast at Kona was really good. The pancakes were huge and oh-so-yummy. They had the yummy juice like 'Ohana and press pots of Kona coffee. I highly recommend this breakfast if you want something new and are really hungry (the plates were humongous!). We will warn you though that the bottled water there was $6.50 each (we found that out after we had ordered a few, lol).

Today was a fabulous day at the MK. We rode 9 rides before lunch. The kids rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 3 times in a row without a wait. After that, we somehow convinced them to try Splash Mountain because there was no wait on it either. They did so good! Considering that Hayden was big enough to ride Space Mountain and complete the MK mountain trifecta, we got him to do it too. He did so well and ended up riding it again in the front seat. Wow, I cannot believe that he was so brave!

Lunch was great at the Pinnochio Haus. The lines were easy to deal with and the food was good. We will definitely return there for counter service in the future.

Judy, Mom and me went to the Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian around 3:00pm. It was fabulous even though Judy was miffed that they didn't let her sniff the teas beforehand. Last year, they presented each table with a box of glass vials filled with all their fragrant teas. You could smell them to help pick out what you wanted to drink. At least everyone liked what they chose. My all-time favorite tea is anything with jasmine in it and my tea here did not disappoint. The finger sandwiches, scones and pastries were also pretty tasty.

After tea, we went to the awesome soap shop that is located in the Grand Floridian lobby. I bought lots of pretty soaps and bath bombs for Christmas gifts. The soaps smell wonderful and come with neat designs in them. For instance, I bought my intended mother a bar that has a stork carrying a baby in it and my cousins are getting bars with Mickey heads in them. Cool, huh?

Dinner this night was absolutely atrocious. I knew that Whispering Canyon was rowdy but good grief. It was so loud that you couldn't hear anything and the waiters were obnoxious. A lady at the table next to me got called out for texting someone on her phone. I then got called out for being on my phone too. They said that we were texting each other. Ugh. Hayden got a bottle of beer spilled on him by our waiter. Poor guy began to cry when we were talking about how others would think he smelled like a drunkard, lol. They did some crazy antics while we there and I would have been mortified to have been any of those poor people. They made one couple run around the restaurant (riding stick ponies, mind you) with the wife singing "You Are My Sunshine". Egad. You couldn't pay me enough to do that, lol. I love the Wilderness Lodge but I will never recommend this restaurant. The food was just okay and the loudness was enough to make me go nutso.