Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Disney Trip-Day 6 (September 24, 2008)

Today's Destination: Hollywood Studios

Breakfast-ABC Commissary (HS-counter service)
Lunch-Capt. Cook's (Polynesian)
Dinner-Sci-Fi Dine-In (HS) 5:15pm

We dilly-dallyed getting out of bed that morning because we were so tired. We got over to Hollywood Studios mid-morning and picked up some fast passes to Toy Story. I couldn't believe how long the lines were just to get the stupid passes. It was crazy. I went ahead and got us regular fast passes but then I also got some immediate ones using magic fast passes that we acquired during the DVC tour. That rocked! The ride was really cool and I think that the boys really enjoyed it.

After Toy Story, we headed over to the ABC Commissary to get a late breakfast. It was okay, not much to write home about though.

The boys headed over to Star Tours while I had to do a little shopping for a new shirt. I had spilled a lot of drink down the front of my shirt while snapping photos in front of the Cars characters. That will teach me to never hold a full drink mug in the same hand that I am holding my camera in, lol. I ended up getting a cute pink Minnie tee.

For lunch we headed back to our resort. There just wasn't enough stuff in HS to keep the kiddos amused and our dinner reservation was a long way away. Capt. Cook's really isn't the best for lunch or dinner foods but at least we didn't go hungry.

We took off for HS again a little while later to meet Sandy and her family. We rode Toy Story again and then did Star Tours while waiting for dinner time. Sci-Fi had tons of people waiting to get in but we only had maybe a 20 minute wait. The kids had a blast sitting in the cars while we ate. The huge movie screen showing crazy old flicks in front of them helped keep them calm. It was fun. This was the first time that we ever got to sit in the front row of cars so that was cool. Sci-Fi's food is just okay but the atmosphere is what we keep going back for.