Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Disney Trip-Day 8 (September 26, 2008)

Today's Destination: Magic Kingdom

Breakfast-Crystal Palace (MK) 10:15am
Lunch-Capt. Cook's (Polynesian)
Dinner-Liberty Tree Tavern (MK) 5:20pm

Today was the day that we had all been waiting for. We couldn't wait for the Halloween party that night.

We had a fun character breakfast at Crystal Palace in the MK. This place was very pretty and the food was good. The characters were a delight. We saw them all except Tigger. He kept skipping us and my kids wouldn't ever motion him over. Oh well, it was still fun.

After breakfast, we didn't feel like doing rides because we knew that we would have to wait in line for them. At the party there would be no waits so it just wasn't worth it during the daytime. We headed back to the Poly for lunch and I took a nap while the boys went to the pool.

We left the hotel around 4:45pm to make it to our dinner ressies at Liberty Tree Tavern. We made a point to go there for dinner sometime during our trip because this would be the last time that we could see the colonial characters. There are going to quit doing characters in January so that stinks. Also, this night was a special treat to see the characters because they wear costumes over their colonial garb on Halloween party nights. Dinner wasn't very good at all (I highly recommend their lunch menu though) but we still had fun because Sandy and Sage were with us. Poor Emerson slept through the whole meal once again so he missed out on seeing Minnie. He had been trying to find her the whole trip.

The parade was awesome and the Hallowishes fireworks were spectacular. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the Halloween party is. The tickets were steep but they are truly worth every dime. Hubby even agrees with me on this. We had an absolute blast and it was the best night of the whole trip. We walked onto every ride there. No waits! If we ever go again during the Fall season, we know that we will be doing this party again. It is soooo worth it. By the way, we have all the party music on CD and we play it all the time in the car. It is pretty catchy, lol.