Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Disney Trip-Day 7 (September 25, 2008)

Today's Destination: Epcot

Breakfast-snacks from Kona Coffee stand (Polynesian)
Lunch-Garden Grill (Epcot-Future World) 12:30pm
Dinner-Rose & Crown (Epcot-UK-World Showcase) 5:50pm

We were supposed to go to Chef Mickey's for breakfast today but I had to cancel when I realized that we got up 10 min. before we were supposed to be there. Oh well. Clayton ended up going and picking us up some pastries and croissants from the Kona coffee stand.

Since I cancelled our big breakfast, I went ahead and booked Garden Grill for lunch. We loved it last year and this year was just as good. They have characters during the meal and the food is really tasty. I definitely recommend this one. The only bad thing is that they are going to cease serving lunch there and dinner will no longer have the characters beginning in early January. That makes me so sad.

This day at Epcot was simply wonderful. It wasn't too hot and there was a breeze to keep the air circulating. We did lots of rides and didn't feel as though we had been steam rolled by the humidity.

Dinner was magnificent at the Rose & Crown. I cannot believe that I had never been there before. It was soooo good! Clayton got some wonderful fish and chips. His fish was not fishy at all and the fries were the good thick ones. I had a wonderful chicken dish with roasted garlic bread pudding and onion broth topped with onion marmalade. I know, mine sounds too oniony but it was really really good and the chicken was super juicy. The dessert was why I really wanted to go there but it wasn't all that. I got the famous sticky toffee pudding and ended up giving it to Emerson. Regardless of the dessert, this place gets a high approval rating from me.

I must mention this as it was one of my proud parenting moments. While we were eating dinner, an older lady was sitting across the way and she must have been paying attention to us. She came over to me and told me that I have wonderfully behaved little boys. I was thrilled to hear that from someone. It's nice to be validated sometimes. I told her that they wouldn't be there if they couldn't behave. It is my job to make sure that they do and I would never treat them to restaurants if they couldn't. ;)