Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If it tastes like chicken, eat chicken!!-12/18/10

Ok, so this is a completely disgusting post and I had no part in it whatsoever. Grandma Sandy was the perpetrator in this event. She had ordered a delicacy that we call Rocky Mountain Oysters in these parts. The menu was a bit crude with their title for them as they simply referred to them as "Bull Nuts". Ugh. How nasty! Anyway, the boys insisted on having some since they looked like fried chicken. I tried to tell them that they were eating the boy parts of a cow but they wouldn't listen. They just didn't understand. They both insisted that they were chicken. Um no, no they weren't. I took pictures to show them later when they finally understand what the heck they were eating so that they can't deny it, lol.

The Albany-Cheyenne, WY

What, this isn't chicken?!
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