Monday, September 06, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (with recipe links)

MONDAY---grilled bratwurst, corn-on-the-cob, fresh fruit

Do yourself a favor and make both of these recipes...tonight!! I have now found the best chili for hot dogs ever. Even my kids loved it. The fries were awesome too. :)

The shrimp was okay, nothing special. The zucchini cakes rock! It's an old recipe for us as I discovered it a long time ago.

I made these into large individual rolls and served them with marinara to dip them in (E chose Ranch). The consensus was that these are really good. I about burned my motor out of my KitchenAid though so beware of that. The dough is *really* heavy. Next time I will make them with Italian sausage and add a lot of cheese in them.

FRIDAY---Italian sausage, red pepper and mushroom risotto, onion rolls (made from the other half of yesterday's bread recipe)
This dish was heavenly! It was a pain in the butt because I had to stand at the stove for 30 straight minutes but it was sooo worth it. Beware-the rice is ridiculously expensive (arborio rice). A small container of it was priced at $7.99 at our local King Soopers.



***I will be adding reviews as I make each recipe, so be sure to look back to this post if you want an opinion.***