Monday, June 14, 2010

Miss Kitty

Last Wednesday, my good friend Melissa took her family on a camping trip to NE so we got to kitty-sit while they were gone. I didn't tell the kids or Clayton until she was already here. They were all surprised to find a cat in the house that evening. She made life interesting and I believe that everyone really enjoyed having her. She was an absolute riot when she would play and I couldn't help but laugh at her all the time. It was great having her snuggle up to my legs when we went to bed. I miss her already. Even though we loved her, we still don't plan on adding a pet to our household. They are a lot of work and expensive too. I am a realist so I didn't get blinded by her cuteness (though it was hard not to!). Anyway, I hope that the Pattersons go on more camping trips this summer so we can kitty-sit again. ;)
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Sandie said...

ooooh feel the power of the kitty...come on you know deep down you want one, LOL! Seriously they are expensive and a lot of work. But the love that pets gives is uncondiontal and nothing is more precious than that.