Saturday, April 03, 2010

Surgery Update

I had my revision surgery yesterday morning to correct my breasts. They look fabulous! Because my boobs are so perky, they didn't have much of a crease line underneath them. The surgeon corrected that for me. He offered to upsize me for free too but we decided against it. I am already a full D and if I went bigger, I most likely wouldn't be able to buy my bras from Victoria's Secret (they only go up to DD, I think). Anyhoo, I just thought that I would post that I am doing well. I am a bit sore but it doesn't really bother me. I will post a shot of them in a week or so after they have healed enough to wear a bikini top. ;)

BTW, I didn't post much this week because I had to go buy a new laptop. My other one blew up last weekend. It was 6 years old though so I knew it wouldn't last much longer.