Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going Crazy for Bon Jovi & My Scrapbooking Weekend

Yay!! Bon Jovi has recently released their tour dates. I have been trying to win tickets for us this week and I am going nutso listening out for the cue to call in on the radio. I have came so close. You need to be caller 9. I have been caller 1, 1, 7 and 5. I believe the give-away is going on until Friday so I still have a little bit of time left to win. If I don't score then we will be buying them via pre-sale on Friday. Free would be so much better though. Speaking of Bon Jovi, I already bought the album. It was released yesterday. You can purchase it on Amazon (the digital version) for only $3.99 until Friday and then it will return to regular price. You can't possibly get it cheaper anywhere else.

This past weekend was a total whirlwind. I left on Friday to head up to Estes Park. I met a bunch of fun gals up there for a scrapbooking retreat. We had so much fun. I completed my recipe and Christmas lunch boxes. I should have done them 3 years ago but I just kept procrastinating. I will get pics of them soon. I took off early on Sunday morning to get home because that was Emerson's 5th birthday. We had family come in for a little party for him. He got some cool gifts and had a great day. I can't believe that my baby boy is 5!


Nicole said...

LOL, you are so funny. A scrapbooking retreat would be so nice right now. Too bad I dont have a penny to my name! Guess I will have to settle for doing it at home.