Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Off to Port Canaveral-9/4/09 & 9/5/09

Jason and Clayton being goofy on the Aladdin ride

We headed out to the party after eating dinner at T-Rex. I have been to it for the past 3 years in a row and it is so much fun! I love being able to get on rides with no wait. Only party ticket holders can be in the Magic Kingdom that night. Everyone else has to leave at 7pm. There is little crowding and the parade/fireworks are the best!

Jasmine and Hayden inside Cinderella's Royal Table (he chose the wand over the crappy sword that they usually give boys, lol)

There was some pixie dust thrown at us that evening. I had mentioned to Natascha how she needs to get reservations inside the castle for Jasmine next time. She told me that she had tried before but could never snag them. Well, lo and behold, the wish was granted. We were walking past the carousel when we were approached by a lady asking us if we had already had dinner. I told her no and she asked us if we wanted to have dinner in the castle. I couldn't believe the luck! They had some openings that evening (I am sure it was due to the majority of the park visitors having to leave due to the Halloween party). The Barnes' decided to take her up on the offer and Hayden & I tagged along. Dinner was positively yummy! The kids got to meet Cindy herself and we got some cute pics. In the meantime, Clayton and Emerson rode a ton of rides. It was a fun but tiring evening. We were there until closing at midnight.

An unexpected visitor

Clayton found this little guy in our room when he was making coffee. I carried him outside on a coffee packet. They don't call it the Wilderness Lodge for nothing, huh? We checked out that morning and headed out to Port Canaveral for our cruise.

The entry onto the ship-9/5/09
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