Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Prep + Want Some Recipes?

Today I spent most of my time prepping all of my Thanksgiving dishes. I host a huge meal every year and this one is no different. I can't wait to eat everything on Thursday. We are having a 23 pound turkey with all the trimmings-gravy, chive & onion cream cheese mashed potatoes, stuffing, homemade macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, apple/cranberry casserole, sweet potato souffle, Hawaiian rolls, Clayton's fruit salad, broccoli casserole, pumpkin pie and pecan pie. It is going to be so yummy!

I am almost finished with my 2008 recipe cards and if you would like a copy of the files, leave me a comment and I will email them to you. They are in MS Word format for 4x6 index cards. I have 10 great recipes to share this year. If you would also like the 5 recipes from 2006 and/or the 10 recipes from 2007, let me know and I will share those files also. If you have no idea why I do these cards, check out the recipe card boxes that I altered for my family back in 2006. I vowed to add recipes to their collection every year and this will make my 3rd Christmas of doing so. :)


Crystal Johnson said...

ooh, I couldn't possibly get your apple/cranberry recipe could I? Pretty please :)

Crystal Johnson

Shawnna Samples said...

ooooh ohhhh
me me
i want recipes :) ;) ;)


Sara Neeves-Botelho said...

I would like all of them-I had the past two years on my old computer and lost the files. I do have the apple cranberry casserole memorized and we are eating it today thanks to the recipe a year or so ago! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Adrienne said...

okay! i made a sticky toffee pudding this year, and i thought of you . . . .

Terri said...

I would love a email of all the recipes.

Krista Smith said...

me please! are you able to email out now?