Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It has been one of THOSE days...

I woke up this morning at 7:45am to the sound of my doorbell ringing. The stupid plumber wasn't supposed to be here until after 8:30am but he decided to show up before the acceptable time of 8am. Ugh. I had no clothes on and I yelled at the the kids (who were already roaming around downstairs) to not answer the door. After yelling it 3 times while I scurried to find some clothes, Hayden opened the dang door anyway. The 2 guys yelled "Hello?" several times before I rather rudely yelled back "Just a minute". After finally making my way down I told them that I was sorry that I wasn't ready for them but that they should not have been here until 8:30am. They simply said that they were a bit early. Early?! Anytime someone shows up at my door unexpectedly before the hour of 8am it is not okay nor is it respectful. Sheesh.

To add more fun to my day, I am eat up with hives. Last night was pure hell for me becauce my face itched so much that I couldn't sleep. I got a shipment of fruits and veggies on Monday that had a mango in it. I grabbed it with a plastic bag over my hands so that I wouldn't have to touch it. Well, stupid me grabbed the rest of the produce out of the box with my bare hands and I forgot to wash them afterward. The oils from the mango skin must have been on the other produce because I broke out like crazy late that evening. I look like I have a 3rd degree burn on my face/neck/chest. It really looks horrible. Naturally, I had a Ryland Homes manager, tax accessor, cable guy and the plumbers all show up at my house during these past 2 days. I look like a burn victim. I had to explain to everyone why I look like this and it is super embarassing. I just want to curl up in my bed for the day and not get out of my jammies. Why won't they just let me have some peace?

My 29th birthday is tomorrow and I am going to take it easy. I may scrap all day or just stay in bed. Either way, I am calling the shots, lol. I NEED a break at this point. I have been with my kids day in and day out since we moved here (June 13th) and I need to get away from them before they drive me to the loony bin. Soooo, I have a facial and haircut scheduled for myself on Saturday at the local Aveda salon in Loveland. I am debating getting a massage also. We shall see. Hopefully my hives will be better by then. If they aren't, I will have to reschedule and God knows how long it will be before they can get me in again. *sigh*

On a happier note, only 51 days until our family vacation! :)

Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend Natascha back in NC!!


Krista Smith said...

I'm still so mad that our schedules changed and we won't be going at the same time anymore. :(
But we know what we need for next year! I'll get to working on Reed and you start talking it up to Clayton! LOL
I'm sorry you're broken out, but really, I bet it's not as bad as you think it is. Last time it wasn't nearly as bad as you thought, I swear. And poo on people who come or call before 8 AM! LOL I bet every other time they're atrociously late though.

Have a great birthday! You definitely deserve some downtime to RELAX!! Go anyway and get a massage if your face isn't better!

Sandie said... least I'm not the only one who has days like that, LOL! I feel your pain girl, I really do!

Heather and Lance said...

I love my aveda salon. Happy birthday :)