Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another layout and some updates

Here's yet another LO that I did for 3 Scrappy Boys. I loved this month's kit soooo much! It's the only time that I have been able to get away with pastel pink since all the layouts I did with it center around Valentine's Day, lol.

The surrogacy is finally coming along. I have been asked to protect the privacy of my new intended parents, so I will not be going into any details on them. I will say that the contracts are done, my life insurance policy is in place and the bloodwork has been completed by Clayton and myself. Next week, I will begin ultrasound monitoring so that we can be sure that everything is doing what it should be doing. A calendar will be drawn up soon and then we will know when the transfer will take place. Yay! Wish us luck. :)

Emerson has been doing fine all week. His bout with pneumonia this past Saturday quickly began to end when he got his antibiotics on Sunday. He has been running around and acting like himself. I even took him to school on Tuesday since he seemed to be doing so well and didn't have anything contagious. His lungs still have a little bit of a rattle to them but that will take some time to disappear. All in all, he is A-OK.

We have paid off our entire Disney World vacation. That was taken care of this past Friday. Now all we have to do is wait until time to go! Yay!!


Julie said...

So glad you found another set of IPs to bless! I pray it goes smoothly for you all! And I hope Emerson continues to heal!

I just signed up for the GG and guess who I used as the referral? Your savings stories finally pushed me into giving it a try! My husband is doubtful but I hope I can prove his doubts wrong! LOL

Angie said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you and your new IPs!