Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So Sad...

As I sit here in my scrapbook room, I can hear the moving truck outside by the curb. My wonderful neighbors, Joanna and Mark, are moving out. Sigh... I could never ask for better neighbors than they were. When we first moved into our home, they showed up at our door with a yummy homemade lasagna. We we so appreciative as we had moved things on our own for 48 hours straight (I slept 2 hours and Clayton didn't at all) just the day before. I was over 8 months pregnant and exhausted. We were excited to have such nice people next door. It was also great that their son Cole was around the same age as Hayden. The 2 boys loved playing at the end of the cul-de-sac together. Joanna shares my love for scrapbooking and so we could always chat about the industry. I love that we have that in common. I have been lucky to be the recipient of lots of her extra scrapbooking supplies. She also liked to hand down Cole's clothes as he outgrew them. That has been extremely nice for us. If she had made her special chocolate chip cookies, she would gratefully share. Anytime that I needed something, whether it be an egg or some adhesive, they have always been there. Where, oh where, will I ever get another set of neighbors like them?? I don't think that things will ever be the same.

Joanna, you guys are already missed. I know that I didn't give you a proper good-bye, but that's just not in my nature. I stink at farewells. Good luck to you guys and I hope that your new home is everything that you hoped it would be. You both deserve it.


Joanna Bolick said...

Awwww, okay, I'm reading this now! You are so sweet - we hated to move away from you, too. Wish we didn't live in different states now!!!