Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bad Stuff Happens to Good People

On Monday, I bought a shoebox full of goodies for a child through Samaritan's Purse. All you do is fill a shoebox up, leave a small donation in it, and then drop it off. A deserving child will receive it for Christmas. It's really bad to think that the shoebox may be all that the child may get from Santa. So, I loaded mine up-a bit too much. I ended up having to get a bigger shoebox from a friend. Heck if the little girl that gets it doesn't get the Barbie that I bought! LOL. It was a lot of fun and I really hope that the child enjoys receiving it as much as I did buying it. Next year, I am going to involve my kids in helping me select the goodies for it. This will become a holiday tradition for us.

This is where the bad crap happens. Yesterday, I got $120 fee on my checking account and it caused me to get a $90 overdraft fee today. The big fee that caused all of this was a mistake. They refunded it today, but then the $90 overdraft fee showed up because of it. Now mind you, I never keep a lot of money in this account because it is my grocery money. I usually spend it down to $0 every month, so I keep up with it pretty well. Since I was so low and then that big charge hit, I overdrew and had a balance of -$140. Ugh!!! I sure hope that they fix this today. I am happy that they took care of the big fee when they did. At least I have a positive balance now, LOL.


corinne5 said...

oh what a great thing to do!! that girl will be so thankful. great to do as a tradition in your family, learning your childeren that there are also childeren who are less fortunate.

oh hate when that happens at the end of the month to me.

happy thanks giving!!


Judah said...

our MOPs group just did 15 boxes for samaritians purse, so much fun!! I have worked with before, if the box is too full they take sutff out becasue they have their own stuff to put in as well. Plus the kids are amazed at the shoe boxes. TO them it is not the amount of stuff like it is to our kids, but the fact they got stuff. One boy last year thought the shoebox itself was the gift, helvoed that box so much, he would not open it. he carried the box everywhere with him. Isn't that amazing? These kids appreciate anything, so don't feel pressured to fill it and feel like that is not enough. Because to them, the fact someone took the time, is all that matters.

Joanna Bolick said...

Oh, that stinks abotu all the mistaken fees and stress!! But whohooooo for the shoebox! Just the thought of some little girl getting that is the best! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Brown English Muffin said...

So it's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I'm stuck at work for another 2 hours.....I'm constantly refreshing my browser on 2Peas but nothing interesting catches my eye.

So then I remember a thread I just mused over sometime today and I thought...hmm that might take up to 2 hours to get was the " The Official UPDATED BLOG Thread for MONDAY-WEDNESDAY 11/21-11/23" I'm scrolling along hitting each persons blog and I came across your entry.

I am so happy I did....I have never heard of Samaritans Purse...and I now I want to do it with a friend....I think it's an excellent idea and so rewarding....thanks for posting such an interesting blog entry!!!

Ok and now I just realized that you don't take anonymous blog entries...and because I want to tell you THANK YOU so badly I'm going to be forced to create an account!!! :0)