Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Drinks Around the "World"

Lapu Lapu at the Polynesian

Ok, so it is taking me forever to write up my trip report for our recent Disney World trip.  We got back on a Saturday night and then my kids started school early that Monday.  We were dog tired that first week and it has been really hard to get back into a groove.  Things are finally settling and I can now sit down to write this thing out.  Bear with me though, I cannot figure out the best way to present it.  In the past, I simply went in chronological order and wrote out everything day-by-day.  I may do that again but no sure yet.  In the meantime, I am going to post a few random blog posts concerning out trip.  This post pertains to something new to me, adult beverages around the "World".  

In the past, I was pregnant with surrogate babies on each of our trips or we only visited the Magic Kingdom before our cruises (which was alcohol-free back then).  This time around, I was free and clear to partake on an epic drinking adventure.  I discovered that there are a bunch of yummy adult libations to enjoy.  I recommend the following:

Magical Star Cocktail - Light up your celebration with X-Fusion Organic Mango and Passion Fruit Liqueur, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Pineapple Juice, and a souvenir Multicolored Glow Cube $9.75
[served at Sci-Fi Dine-In in Hollywood Studios]
[also served at Sanaa in the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort]
This drink is so pretty and fruity.  I think it was my favorite.

Frozen Passion Fruit Margarita $9.50
[served in Epcot at La Cantina de San Angel]
Passion Fruit is one of my favorite flavors though I do not like margaritas.  I still loved this drink though.

Rainbow Colada - Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, strawberries & bananas, pina colada mix and pineapple juice. $8.99 or $12.99 to keep the glass
[served at Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom or Downtown Disney]
Ridiculously good and fruity.  And yes, I kept the glass.

Prosecco - Semi-sweet Sparkling Wine $9.00
[served at the Italy Gelato Stand at Epcot]
Bubbly and sweet.  Loved this!

Canto Loopy - with Vodka and Cantaloupe Juice $7.50
[served at The Joy of Tea stand in China at Epcot]
Very refreshing and tasted exactly like fresh cantaloupe.

Lapu Lapu $14.95
[served at the Tambu Lounge in the Polynesian Resort]
This is the pineapple drink that I have in the photo at the top of this post. I have no clue what else was in it other than rum.  It was wayyyy too strong for me so I didn't love it but it is a must-do if you are staying at the Poly.

Not pictured:
Grey Goose Orange Slush $9.34
[served at Les Vins des Chefs de France cart in Epcot]
This slushy drink is so good!