Monday, September 16, 2013

Be Our Guest---8/23/13

The boys goofing off with the gargoyles on the bridge

I read a bazillion reviews on BOG and it seemed that the majority didn't like the food but loved the experience.  I concur with that.  We went into BOG knowing that the food was going to most likely be a let down but that was okay.  We just wanted to see the newest restaurant and meet Beast.  If you are even remotely considering eating here, you need to make an ADR (advance dining reservation) at 180 days out from the first day of your vacation to secure a spot.  This isn't just advice, it is necessary.  It is extremely popular right now and I saw many people being turned away at the bridge because they didn't have an ADR.  Of course people gripe and grumble about not getting into restaurants at Disney but it really isn't that hard to plan for in advance.  Sheesh.  Disney suggests booking 180 days out and they tell you when your booking window will open up.  Trust me, early planning is what will make or break your Disney vacation.  If you need help, email me and I would be happy to walk you through planning the perfect WDW vacation. :) 
My desserts: passion fruit tart and the grey stuff

I love passion fruit but this tart was wayyy too tart, IMO.  The grey stuff is never mentioned in the restaurant but will be given to those celebrating something special.  My birthday was 2 weeks before the trip but I celebrated my birthday here too.  The grey stuff is something in the movie but I can't remember.  If you want to try it, wear a birthday or anniversary button and be sure your celebration is noted on your reservation.
H, S, & E had cupcakes: chocolate, lemon, and strawberry cheesecake

Everyone with a cupcake seemed to enjoy them.  Clayton opted out of dessert this round.
And the moment we had been waiting for, our meeting with the BIG Beast.  It was cool seeing a new character.  His home was beautiful!  Now that we have this experience checked off our list though, we don't feel it is necessary to return.  They really need to change the menu to get us to go back.  We shall see.