Saturday, September 14, 2013

Disney World 2013 (Day 9)

8.23.13---This was the last full day and the craziest of the whole trip.  We managed to park hop to 3 of the 4 parks.  It was insane but necessary.  We had 3 fastpass + ressies for Star Tours, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, and Toy Story Mania so we headed over to Hollywood Studios first.  We didn't like our lunch options in HS so we got on a bus to head to Animal Kingdom.

It took a lot of convincing to get my family on-board with the idea of returning to Animal Kingdom.  AK is our least favorite park but I just had to go ride Expedition Everest.  If we left Florida without getting to ride it, I was going to feel cheated.  I only got my family to agree by offering to run into the park to get paper fastpasses while they went to eat at Rainforest Cafe.  Let me tell you, that was no east task.  The park was crowded and the there were people dawdling everywhere.  I ran and dodged around to get back to the Asia section of the park.  Naturally, it was the furthest back I could go on the side.  Ugh.  I was sweating like a pig by the time I got back to the restaurant at the front entrance of AK.  An employee outside of the Rainforest Cafe asked me if I had just gotten off the Kali River Rapids ride.  I was puzzled and told him no.  That's when I looked down and realized that my shirt was soaked with sweat.  Gross!  It actually looked like I had been on a water ride.  After some drinks and lunch, we headed into AK and made our way to EE.  Let me just say that it was worth the trouble.  EE is now my favorite coaster (as well as Emerson's).
Emerson and Steph

We spent the night over at the Magic Kingdom.  Dinner was at Be Our Guest in the new Fantasyland.  I have several pics and things to say about BOG so I will post that in a second post.