Monday, September 09, 2013

Disney Trip 2013 (Day 4)---Part 2

Lunch was scheduled at Kona in the Poly so that worked out great.  We then headed to the Magic Kingdom to take advantage of our fastpass + reservations for all 3 of the mountains.  It was a great night until we got stuck back in the new Fantasyland in a horrific thunderstorm.  Yes, this happened to us again for the 3rd night in a row, lol.  We ended up running through the many inches of water on the streets until we got back to the monorail.  Everyone else in the park stayed under shelter.  I knew if we didn't make a break for it with our ponchos, we would have to walk behind the mass exodus as everyone would leave at the same time.  It was crazy but we got the heck out of there quickly.  Thank God we didn't have to go back to our car at the TTC to get back to the Yacht Club.  Getting on the monorail and heading straight for the Polynesian was worth its weight in gold.  We had a late dinner in Captain Cook's and went to bed.
Steph, Clayton and E riding the resort monorail from the Poly to the Magic Kingdom.

Castle?  What castle?  LOL