Thursday, September 12, 2013

Disney World 2013 (Day 7)

 8.21.13---We had breakfast at Kona Cafe in the Poly.  We weren't impressed.  Kona is usually amazing at all meal times but it just wasn't as great as it has been in the past.  From now on, we will stick to lunch and dinner for this place.  Captain Cook's offers all the goodies that we want and is cheaper so I just can't see spending so much money at Kona.  Heck, their signature Tonga toast is served in CC for a lot less and it is the same exact thing.

We headed over to the Magic Kingdom to use our 4 fastpass + ressies.  After riding those rides and a couple others, we headed back to the Poly.  We couldn't figure out what we wanted to eat so Clayton decided to drive somewhere.  When I saw a sign for Chuy's, I knew that was where we should go.  I have heard rave reviews of this place but never been there.  It was good but apparently I really missed out by not trying a margarita.  My friend Jessica says that they are the bomb diggity.  A Chuy's just opened up in Charlotte so we will have to make the trip down there for one soon.
Hayden, Emerson, and Steph on Space Mountain

Steph enjoying some ice cream

That night, we headed back to the MK to see the Celebrate the Magic projection show and Wishes fireworks in front of the castle.  Steph got to see Wishes (for the first time) from our hotel but being in front of the castle is a whole 'nother story.  It turns out the the projection show was every bit of amazing as the fireworks is.  It was very cool how the images changed on the front of the castle.  We had a great time and everyone loved it. :)