Monday, May 14, 2012

My "Little" Giant

Emerson earned the game ball 5/12/12

Baseball season is in full swing here and I love being a baseball mama.  Emerson plays for the Giants in the 7-8 division (coach pitch) and Hayden plays for the Marlins in the 9-10 division (kid pitch).  Both teams are doing fabulous.  E's team is 7-1 and H's is 8-0.  This post is for Emerson but I will post one about Hayden next. 

E started off rather slow thanks to never having played real baseball.  He played tee ball 2 years ago in a joke of a league back in Colorado but he gained nothing from that experience.  Clayton has never thrown a ball at him so he was clueless when the practices started back in March.  It took him a while, but now he can hit the ball and catch it.  He made doubles in the past two games and helped bring in several runners.  He's scored a couple of runs himself too.  I am so proud!  Last weekend, he earned the game ball by helping lead his team to victory.  I fortunately had my camera with me (it was the first time I took it with me to the ball fields) so I was able to capture his sweet moment.

If you look closely, you can see his surprised face when he was presented with the game ball.  How cute is that?!