Monday, May 21, 2012

A Pain In My Butt (Literally!)

4 different types of syringes (from top to bottom):
1) Lupron-injected subcutaneously in the tummy area to shut down ovary production so that my body doesn't ovulate (my eggs are unneeded) 
2) Progesterone in oil-injected intramuscularly in the rear to make my body think it is pregnant as progesterone is the pregnancy hormone
3) Delestrogen-injected intramuscularly in the rear to boost estrogen, which makes the uterine lining nice and fluffy for the embryo
4) Lovenox-injected subcutaneously in the tummy to prevent blood clots by thinning the blood

In addition to all those injections, I have to take a bunch of other oral meds.  It's crazy how many meds it takes to trick my body into thinking that it pregnant.  Without these meds, my body would reject the embryo as a foreign object.  Regardless of what an ordeal all the medications are, it is well worth it to help bring a child into the world for my awesome IPs.  We are transferring their last two embryos (both are girls) on 6/23 in San Francisco.  They are frozen so this will be referred to as a FET which stands for "frozen embryo transfer".  Wish us luck!!
My meds arrived this past Saturday-5/19/12


Us said...

Much, much, much good luck to you and to them!!! I'm a mom to FET triplet girls, so I can relate to what you're going through - so exciting and scary!!!