Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My boys gave me a Wolfpack tag for the front of my car for Mother's Day.  In NC, we do not have license tags on the front so we can have vanity tags.  I don't want them to know it, but I am a bit distraught over their gift.  Yes, it was super sweet but I am not quite ready to remove my Colorado plate from the front of my car.  It's the only piece of my life that is still connected to our previous home and I am not ready to remove it just yet.  I am a sentimentalist, I can't help it.  It was sweet of my boys to think of me though.

Speaking of Mother's Day, I was thoroughly disappointed.  No plans were made.  I got a $200 gift card to an awesome spa (albeit it is 45 away) and a pricey dress that I made Clayton send back.  All I wanted was to be taken to breakfast/brunch and for us to do something fun together.  Was that too much to ask?  Gifts are great, but I choose experiences over gifts from him.  Sigh...  Sorry to sound like a complainer but dang.  I know I have addressed this before to my husband.  I treated him to an awesome Father's Day a couple of years ago with a surprise weekend that involved a hotel, golf at a prestigious course, great meals and beer.  It turned out that he enjoyed it but he would have preferred actual gifts.  Ugh...  After all that planning and fun we had, he would have been happier if I had bought him crap to open.  This past year, I bought him "stuff" instead.  We are totally different on this and we had acknowledged that, or so I had thought.  
I am getting ready to chop all this hair off.  It is so long now!


Rachel said...

I totally agree on the gifts. I would rather spend a day doing something fun together than get gifts. I think men just don't get that sometimes. Sorry it was disappointing for you :(

Marja said...

:( I'm sorry you had a disappointing mother's day. Hopefully next year it'll be what you want :) Sometimes I like gifts and other times I like experiences. It all depends on what the gift is and what the experience is lol!!!