Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finally we are home!

Thank the Lord, we finally made it into our new house. It has been a crazy journey getting here and I never want to go through that heck again. Here's a quick run down of what has been going on in the Logan household since I last posted:

7/2-We finally closed on the house. Yay!!

7/3-We got our furniture delivered.

-I had my first OB appt. today. The appt. was a bit boring but at least everything was okay with the baby.

7/4-Clayton woke up in a lot of pain and got admitted to the ER for kidney stones. He was put on 7 or 8 doses of morphine before he finally felt comfortable enough to be alive. I couldn't stand seeing him in such pain. Poor guy.

7/6-We finally got our very first brand new bedroom suit. Our old one was a hand-me-down that we will be using for guests. And yes gals, we finally upgraded from a full to a king.

-I now have a milk man. How cool is that? He was going door to door giving away 1/2 gallon of milk to all new customers. It is a bit expensive but well worth it. The milk is organic and they recycle the containers for us. They also deliver Starbucks coffee beans, butter, cream cheese, sour cream, cheddar cheese, Sara Lee breads, bottled water, Eggland's Best eggs, etc. I am in heaven!

7/10-We got our cable back on. I have been going absolutely nutso without the internet.

I would like to announce that my best friend Tracy had her baby girl Addison on 7/7/07. Everyone is doing well and she is incredibly precious! I would give my right arm to be able to hold that sweet baby. Hopefully, I will be able to make a trip back to Asheville in the near future so that I can see her. Congrats to the Ducker household. :)

Well, this is the first time that I have been able to get on the net in forever. I have many things to do but I will be sure to upload some pics soon and I will be posting regularly once again.


Shawnna Samples said...

So glad to hear that you guys are getting settled
WOW - it sure has been an ordeal
hope there is lots of ORDINARY stuff in your near future - sounds like you guys could use some down time :D

Krista Smith said...

First: CONGRATS! I know you were so tired of that hotel.
Second: poor Clayton! Man, hope he's all better now, those things are a killer (I hear)
Third: OH My Goodness! Congrats to Tracy! And on Carson's birthday!! You make sure to send me some pics. Maybe Kala can take and send some pics to both of us. I'm so sad that neither one of us are there anymore.
Fourth: I got your call, and will call you back ASAP. I know you're getting settled in to your house, and I can't wait to see the pics! email me your new email addy!

Angie said...

Yay!!! You're back!!
Couple of things:
1. You had a FULL sized bed??? And two people slept in it?
2. Love the milk man thing! I want a milk man!!!
3. Love your friend's baby's name! *wink*